15-16 August 2020

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Due to the new norm under the RMCO Period, the participation of Holy Mass is limited to:
1) Those aged 13 - 69, with no health problems. Those aged below 13 and above 69 are advised not to come due to safety concerns.
2) 500 participants only.
3) For Malaysia citizens only.

St.Anne & St. Joachim

— The Marriage of Anna and Joachim, from the Visconti Hours (late 14th century). Biblioteca Nazionale, Florence.
    An ancient tradition, already known in the 2nd century, gives these names to the parents of the Virgin Mary. The cult of St Anna became popular in the 6th century in the East, and in the 10th century in the West, where she is the patron saint of Brittany; Joachim was added a long time later – too often the fate of fathers.
    Although the information about Mary’s parents is found in an early apocryphal writing that gives many miraculous and highly-coloured stories about the early life of the Virgin Mary, there is no reason to suppose that such a straightforward fact as her parents’ names should be wrong, since there is nothing to be gained from falsifying it. It does not occur in the Gospels simply because the most reliable evangelists (the only ones whom we have allowed into the Bible) felt they had more important things to talk about.
    But what, after all, could be more important than the parents who brought up the Virgin Mary to be the woman she was? At the moment of consenting to the Incarnation she took the most important decision ever taken by any human being, and the fact that she took it is, to a great extent, the work of her parents. The Holy Spirit gave her the strength to take the decision; but her parents’ training gave her the wisdom to choose.
    Those of us who have children must seek to bring them up to the best of our ability, to meet challenges that, like Anna and Joachim, we have no way of even imagining.

(Adapted from Universalis)

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St. Anne, Pray for Us

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Shrine of Harmony

The Shrine gathers pilgrims and devotees of goodwill from different nationalities, faiths, traditions and religions, creating a tangible sign and a true expression of harmony.


The Church of St. Anne, now elevated to the Minor Basilica of St. Anne since 5th September 2019, intensifies the bond with the Church of Rome and with the Holy Father, who is the head of the Catholic Church, widely known as the Pope.


Being the first ever minor basilica in this region, this pilgrimage shrine which brings together the entire people of God and devotees of St. Anne in earnest prayer and personal devotions, is a model of Liturgical and Pastoral activity in the Diocese of Penang and the region.


Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who treasure this rich experience of solidarity and unity in this shrine of harmony.

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