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The statue you're seeing now is the Tenth Station of the Cross, "I Am Stripped Off My Clothes," you are witnessing a deeply poignant and solemn moment in Jesus' journey to Calvary. This station portrays the scene where Jesus, upon reaching Golgotha, is stripped of His garments before His crucifixion.Standing before this station, you are invited to reflect on the profound symbolism and spiritual significance of Jesus being stripped of His clothes.


In this encounter, the stripping of Jesus' clothes represents the utter humiliation and degradation that He endured as part of His Passion. It is a stark portrayal of the stripping away of Jesus' dignity, as the soldiers treated Him with disrespect and indifference.


As we contemplate this station, we are reminded of the complete vulnerability of Jesus in this moment. He willingly subjected Himself to this degrading act, laying bare His human nature and surrendering Himself to the will of His Father for the salvation of humanity.


Moreover, the stripping of Jesus' clothes symbolizes Jesus' profound detachment from worldly possessions and earthly concerns. It serves as an invitation for us to examine our own lives, letting go of attachments and distractions that hinder our relationship with God. This station prompts us to seek a deeper spiritual connection with the divine, following Jesus' example of self-emptying love and surrendering worldly comforts for the sake of eternal significance.


In addition, this station serves as a reminder of the self-emptying love of Jesus for humanity. By willingly undergoing this profound humiliation, Jesus shows His unconditional love for each one of us. He endured this indignity so that we may be clothed with the grace of God and attain salvation.

As we stand before the Tenth Station of the Cross, we are called to respond with gratitude and reverence. This encounter beckons us to imitate Jesus' humility, detachment, and self-sacrificing love in our own lives.



Leader: We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You.

Response: Because, by Your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.


Leader: Consider how Jesus was violently stripped of His clothes by His executioners. The inner garments adhered to his lacerated flesh and the soldiers tore them off so roughly that the skin came with them. Have pity for your Savior so cruelly treated and tell Him.

Response: My innocent Jesus, by the torment You suffered in being stripped of Your garments, help me to strip myself of all attachment for the things of earth that I may place all my love in You who are so worthy of my love. I love You, O Jesus, with all my heart; I am sorry for ever having offended You. Never let me offend You again. Grant that I may love You always; and then do with me as You will.

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