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Dear brother/sister in Christ,

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, let us remember all our past leaders who worked so hard to achieve this freedom we are enjoying today. As Malaysians today we are all adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic downturn, and political uncertainty. During this time let us together pray for good leaders who will always put the public’s wellbeing above their political or personal interests so that the yearnings and aspirations of the common people can be realized. Let us join hands irrespective of race, religion, or status in life to build a nation that everyone will look up to and make Malaysia a happy, vibrant and prosperous nation.

Warm and hopeful wishes to all of you and your loved ones on Merdeka Day from

Bishop Sebastian, Msgr. Henry, Fr. Nelson, Fr. Louis Loi & Deacon Lazarus.

Merdeka Mass Celebration on 31 August 2021at 8.00am (Eng & BM) via Live Streaming

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