Shrine of Harmony

The Church of St. Anne, now elevated to the Minor Basilica of St. Anne since 5th September 2019, intensifies the bond with the Church of Rome and with the Pope, who is known to the Catholic Church endearingly as the Holy Father. 


Housed in the Minor Basilica of St. Anne, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Shrine of Harmony brings together pilgrims and devotees from different nationalities and faiths in earnest prayer and devotion as they seek the intercession of Saint Anne.


The Shrine of Harmony was named thus as it gathered those of different faiths and reflects a model of Liturgical and Pastoral harmony in the Diocese of Penang and beyond.


We offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the pilgrims who have experienced the enriching presence of God through the intercession of Saint Anne and we pray that more will be touched as they make their pilgrimage to the Shrine of Harmony. 

St. Anne, Pray for Us

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