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Divine Mercy


The Divine Mercy painting is a depiction of Jesus Christ based on the visions of Saint Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun. In the 1930s, Saint Faustina received several visions and messages from Jesus, which she recorded in her diary. One of these visions was the basis for the Divine Mercy painting.

In this vision, Faustina saw Jesus clothed in a white robe, with His right hand raised in blessing and His left hand touching his chest. From His heart flowed two large rays, one red and one pale. Jesus instructed Faustina to have an image painted to represent the vision, with the words "Jesus, I trust in You" inscribed at the bottom.

The red and pale rays represent the blood and water that flowed from Jesus' side when He was crucified. The red ray symbolizes His blood, which is the life of souls, while the pale ray symbolizes the water that justifies souls, making them righteous before God. These rays are a reminder of God's immense love and mercy towards humanity, even in the face of our sins.

Relating to the Divine Mercy painting is a deeply personal experience, but there are a few ways that it might resonate with you:

1. Trust in Jesus: The inscription "Jesus, I trust in You" is a powerful statement of faith. It's a reminder to place your trust in Jesus, especially during difficult times. 

2. God's Mercy: The rays emanating from Jesus' heart symbolize God's mercy. They remind us that no matter how much we've sinned or how far we've strayed, God's love and forgiveness are always available to us.

3. The Power of Sacrifice: The rays also represent the blood and water that flowed from Jesus' side during His crucifixion. This can serve as a reminder of the sacrifices that Jesus made for humanity, and inspire us to make sacrifices for others.

4. The Importance of Faith: The Divine Mercy painting was created based on a vision from a nun who had immense faith in God. This can inspire us to strengthen our own faith, and remind us of the powerful things that can happen when we truly believe.

In summary, the Divine Mercy painting is a powerful symbol of faith, trust, sacrifice, and God's boundless mercy. It serves as a reminder that no matter what we're going through, we can always turn to Jesus for comfort, guidance, and forgiveness.

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