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The Ombrellino & The Tintinnabulum


Among the many sacred artifacts and symbols you will encounter, the Ombrellino and Tintinnabulum stand out as unique identifiers of this basilica. Let's delve into these fascinating symbols and their significance in your pilgrimage.

 The Ombrellino 

The Ombrellino, also known as the Papal umbrella, is a historic symbol of the Catholic Church, denoting a church's status as a basilica. It is a ceremonial umbrella, traditionally made of red and yellow silk - the papal colors, symbolizing the basilica's special connection to the Pope.

At the Minor Basilica of St. Anne, the Ombrellino is displayed in a prominent position, reminding visitors of the church's direct link to the Holy See. As a pilgrim, the sight of the Ombrellino serves as a reminder of the universal Church's vast network, extending from the Pope in Rome to the local community in Bukit Mertajam.

 The Tintinnabulum 

The Tintinnabulum, or the basilica bell, is another distinctive feature of a basilica. It is a small bell mounted on a pole, traditionally used to announce the Pope's arrival. Although the Pope may not visit every basilica, the Tintinnabulum stands as a symbol of readiness to welcome him.

At the Minor Basilica of St. Anne, the Tintinnabulum is a testament to the church's preparedness to receive the Holy Father and its commitment to serve the local and universal Church. As a pilgrim, the presence of the Tintinnabulum invites you to reflect on the unity of the Church and the bond that links every Catholic to the Pope.

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