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St. Anne's Water Font


When you're at the St. Anne Water Font taps, you're encouraged to take some of this water. It's thought to be special as it comes from a revered area dedicated to St. Anne, carrying her intercession.

In line with Catholic traditions, water becomes sacred when a priest or a bishop blesses it with a specific prayer. This water holds immense importance for religious ceremonies, such as blessings and baptisms, as it's seen as having cleansing properties.

The water from the St. Anne Water Font, found in Penang, Malaysia, holds a distinctive place in people's hearts, too. St. Anne’s water is not holy water, however it is immensely significant for those visiting St. Anne's Sanctuary. 

These water springs from the soil of the cherished St. Anne's Hill and pilgrims use this water in myriad of ways according to their liking and harvest benefits from it. According to the pilgrims' experiences; in the use of this water, a little faith is sufficient enough for it to be effective. 

Therefore, when compared to sacred souvenirs like flowers and salt, "St. Anne's Water", has much more flexible and versatile use and is arguably cherished more by the pilgrims. 

Do use this water in simple faith and may St. Anne’s intercede for you.

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