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Original Foundation of the Second St. Anne's Chapel



The earliest records of the parish were that of baptisms in 1846, making it the year the parish was officially established. Consequently, from 1860 onwards, visiting priests came from Permatang Tinggi. With the increase in the Catholic population, a bigger chapel was built in 1865 by Fr. Maistre MEP. The foundation stones of this second chapel can be found behind St. Anne's Water Font. 


Four years later, Fr. Allard MEP was assigned to the parish and became its first resident parish priest. In 1883, Fr. F. P. Sorin MEP took over the parish and served for 15 years. It was Fr. Sorin who built a bigger church in 1888 for the locals as the Catholic population increased. Today, this same church still stands and has become the revered Shrine of St. Anne (Now it is called "Shrine of Harmony". It was also fondly called the “Old Church” by local parishioners. Incidentally, Fr. Sorin passed away on the feast of St. Anne, 26th July 1907 and he was buried in the main aisle of the church that he built.

The foundation stones of the second chapel are a valuable historical artifact that provide a glimpse into the early days of the Catholic Church in Bukit Mertajam. They are a reminder of the faith and dedication of the early Catholic settlers in the area, and they are a testament to the growth of the Catholic community over the years.

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